Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

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degree programs

Master of Divinity

The intensive Master of Divinity graduate program prepares both men and women for a life of ordained or lay ministry. Graduate 学生s learn to exemplify and to articulate the Orthodox tradition in its pastoral, liturgical, 圣经, patristic, 教条主义, canonical, 道德, and missionary aspects. MDiv candidates...

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Master of Theological Studies

In earning a Master of Theological Studies, 学生s gain proficiency in Orthodox theology and history. The two-year MTS degree educates 学生s through the study of such disciplines as Church history, 教条主义s, 道德, scripture, patristics, and canon law. The MTS program is designed to offer a...

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Master of Theology

The Master of Theology Degree (ThM) is an advanced, research-oriented graduate program in theology. It allows 学生s to concentrate on a chosen theological discipline and includes a thesis on one aspect of theology. The ThM builds on the first graduate-level theological degree, normally the MDiv...

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certificate programs